The university has been offering the captioned subject as an elective to the undergraduate students of Arts and Commerce stream since 2002. Under the autonomous system, this elective is taught in all the six semesters with a view to equip students with the necessary conceptual, entrepreneurial and analytical skills required for handling the international business operations. The department also offers a career oriented skill development program on ‘International Business’ at three levels, viz., certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma. The course offers a global perspective and helps build a solid foundation and understanding of the factors affecting the global marketplace. It is important today that those who are involved in international trade understand the entire process from a practical, customer driven viewpoint. The course is an excellent skill building course for the new entrant in the field of trade management. All of the major concepts and terminology of international trade are addressed in the hands-on activities and topic papers that form the basis of this course.

As a result of the group and individual activities included in this course, the student will acquire the following knowledge and skills that can be applied to the workplace:
>>    Decide if you are ready to export.
>>    Evaluate your company's export potential.
>>    Choose foreign markets.
>>    Select your distribution channels.
>>    Design your export mini plan.
>>    Know your financing alternatives and payment methods.
>>    Obtain your export-license.
>>    Prepare export documents correctly.
>>    Pack and ship your products the right way.

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