Departmental Activities

Name of the activity(Guest Lecture /Conference/Seminar) Date Report
Screening of informative talks with Thomas Friedman  3 April & 4 April 2021 View Report

Online session:- Union Budget 2021- Implications for International Business & Startups

19 March 2021 View Report

Factor Endowment &International Trade - Examples from India

22 December & 23 December 2020 View Report
Documentary "The Secret" 14 Dec 2020 View Report
Webinar on Global Outsourcing 11 Nov 2020 View Report
FORHEX Fair 2019 17 Aug 2019 View Report
Poster-making-economics-banking-and-international-business 5 oct 2018 View Report
Guest lecture on export documentation 4 oct 2016 view report
Guest Lecture on “Export Documentation & Logistics” 8.9.2016 View Report
Visit to Forhex Fair 2015 17.08.2015 View Report
Visit to Forhex Fair 2014 16.08.2014 View Report
Expert Talk on Current Economic Scenario  

View Report

Visit to Forhex Fair 2013 17.08.2013 View Report  
Seminar on Foreign Trade Policy and Procedures in collaboration with Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry 21.02.2012 View Report
HR Conclave “Generation Y employees – the future of entrepreneurship” 23-24.09.2011  
Visit to Operations, Credit and Foreign Exchange divisions of Axis Bank, C-Scheme 10.08.2011  
Visit to Printing and Packing unit of M/S Ratan Textiles (Export House) 27.07.2011    
HR Conclave “Opportunities for Emerging Talent: Mapping and Meeting Industry’s Expectations” 12-13.10.2011  
Visit to Forhex Fair 2010 13.08.10 View Report
Guest Lecture by Mr. Neeraj Jain, Vice President, Axis Bank Ltd. On Trade Finance 20.08.10 View Report
Book Review session by Prof. N.D. Mathur
Name of the Book – The World is Flat authored by Thomas L. Friedman
07.08.10 View Report
Interactive session by Shri Dileep Baid, Vice chairman, EPCH on “Effective Export Management during turbulent times” 10.08.2009