Internship (2019-20)

In 2019-20, due to Covid 19 pandemic, internships were done by students by pursuing a course on a e-learning platform.

Name Enrollment no. Internship Details(e-course or Internship) Name of the course(If doing internship) Name of the company (If doing internship) Stipend (If doing Internship) Type of internship Title of Internship Duration of Internship and course
Anjali Ghanshani IISU/2019/ADM/30936 Both International business 1 Climax BPM 4500 Full time (mansarover, jaipur) Content Writer (Technical 2 Months
Apoorva sharma IISU/2019/ADM/30950 Course on Coursera International business 1         45 days
Arohi chaturvedi IISU/2019/ADM/31163 Both International business, Internship training Loveonn 12000 lumpsump for 3 month Work from home Social media marketing 3 months internship, coursera 6 weeks, Internshala training days
Garvita Jain IISU/2019/ADM/31192 Both International Business 1 Shikshitindia unpaid Work from home Sales and Marketing 3 months of internship and 6 weeks of course
Aayushi Khandelwal IISU/2019/ADM/30546 Both International Business1, Internation Business 2 Ask in City unpaid Work from home Business Strategy 30 days Internship and 6 week course
Himanshi panwar IISU/2019/ADM/30698 Both International business I, International business 2, Teamwork skills, Research proposal: Initiating research, Professional skill for international business,  Shikshit india, Humari pehchaan, Internmind, InternIn, Shikshit India, Ludifu Performance based Work from home Marketing  
Darshika Singh Parmar IISU/2019/ADM/31166 Internship   LUDIFU unpaid Work from home Learning & Development 72 days
Riyanshi jain IISU/219/ADM/30811 Course on Coursera International business1         6 week
Nandani vijayvargiya IISU/2019)ADM/30955 Both International Business  1, International business 2 Internshala,  Target basis Work from home Isp 70 days
Kamakshi Bhargava IISU/2019/ADM/30731 Both International business 1 Laughter guru venture , Edelweiss 4500, 4500 Work from home Business analyst (sales), operations 1 month, 45 days and course is of 45 days
Muskan Goyal IISU/2019/ADM/31046 Both International Business I, International business 2 College tips, HighQ, Inter college network, InternIn, Internshala, Zero food Performance based Work from home Business Development  
Ritika Vyas IISU/2019/ADM/31084 Course on Coursera International Business - I, International business 2, Teamwork skills         6 weeks, 4weeks, 4 weeks
Riya sharma IISU/2019/ADM/30714 Internship   Ludifu, ITCD Performance based Work from home Marketing 3 months, 15 days